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Houston Orthodontic Specialists loves to engage in conversations with our patients and their families on social media! We have multiple social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Yelp. Check out our social media links below to follow and like us to stay current on our awesome contests, upcoming events, and our everyday fun activities. Please feel free to write on our wall, share our posts, comment and ask any questions you may have. We also love it when friends, patients and their families take part in our conversations and contests. We want to know what’s going on in your life so we can share in the excitement with you. Let’s get social together!

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Best Age for Orthodontics

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One of the most common questions that Dr. Vladimir Tabakman and Dr. Melissa Wadler-Bloome hear from parents is, “What age should I bring my child in for a check-up?” The American Association of Orthodontics recommends all children get a check up with an orthodontic specialist at age 7.

In the past, parents were usually told to wait until all of their child’s baby teeth were gone and all of the permanent teeth were in, or to just wait until their dentist told them that it was time to see an orthodontist. However, this has changed over the years.

At early age, orthodontists can already spot problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth while baby teeth are still present. Even though your child’s teeth may appear straight, there could be a problem that only an orthodontist can detect. Early treatment may prevent or intercept more serious problems from developing and may make treatment at a later age shorter and less complicated, and will give your orthodontist the chance to correct problems and improve appearance when children’s natural growth processes are in full swing.

Keep in mind that timing is everything and not all kids need early treatment, in fact, most kids don’t begin active orthodontic treatment until they’re 9-14 years old. If your child is older than 7, it’s not too late for a check-up. We will continue to observe your child’s progression until they are ready for treatment. You can definitely trust the true orthodontic specialists, Dr. Tabakman and Dr. Wadler-Bloome at Houston Orthodontic Specialists with your family’s precious smiles, and to help you make the right decision for your family. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation, or a second opinion. See you at 7!

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Braces Friendly Foods for the Big Game

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The big game is this coming up this Sunday- which team will you be cheering for? Here at Houston Orthodontic Specialists, we know that no Superbowl party is complete without food, friends, and of course, FOOTBALL!

For patients in braces, don’t forget to stay away from those hard, crunchy, sticky, or gummy foods at your Superbowl party. These foods can get caught between braces, or worse, damage to your orthodontic appliances and delay treatment. So when selecting braces-friendly foods, a good rule of thumb is to stick to soft foods that can easily be cut into pieces.

For example:

-Pigs in a blanket cut into bite sided pieces.
-Chili – a fan favorite!
-Boneless chicken wings / buffalo wings
-Potato Salad

What foods are you planning for your party? Let us know if you have any questions about braces friendly foods by leaving a comment here, or giving us a call!

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Invisalign Teen West Houston

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You’re a teenager and we know how busy you are. You have sports, after-school activities and hanging out with friends. The reality is that metal braces are not what you want.

For many teenagers, braces are a rite of passage. For many braces are dreaded and feared. At Houston Orthodontic Specialists, we want to give you the smile you want through a brace-free, comfortable and invisible orthodontic procedure, Invisalign Teen®. The product is a set of clear aligners which straightens your teeth without braces. The aligners are virtually invisible and no one will even know that you’re wearing it! Invisalign Teen® allows you to eat whatever you want and keeping your teeth clean is easy. Invisalign Teen® allows Dr. Tabakman to create a beautiful smile for you without braces.

See what teenagers just like you are saying about Invisalign Teen®!

Call Houston Orthodontic Specialists today to schedule your complimentary consultation to see if Invisalign® is for you!
(281) 752.4222

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What can I eat with braces?

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Congratulations! You just got your braces on and you’re now officially part of the Houston Orthodontic Specialists family. For the duration of your orthodontic treatment with Dr. Tabakman at Houston Orthodontic Specialists, it is important to follow certain guidelines to make sure that your treatment goes as smoothly as possibly. So you may be asking yourself, what can I eat with braces? It is important to follow Dr. Tabakman’s guidelines of foods to avoid with braces, because chewy and hard foods can break your brackets or wires. We know that it’s hard to avoid your favorite candy or gum. So why do we tell you not to eat these foods?

-Broken brackets can delay your time in brackets by 2 months per broken bracket. This indefinitely leads to wearing your braces longer.
-When a bracket is broken from the tooth, Dr. Tabakman has to take the time to repair that bracket rather than following the original treatment course, which will delay treatment.
-Eating sticky gum or candy will get stuck in the braces also making it very hard to keep your teeth clean which can cause tooth decay.
-Don’t forget to minimize your sugar and soda pop amount with braces. Keeping your teeth clean with braces can be challenging and therefore there is a higher chance for tooth decay. Following Dr. Tabakman’s guidelines will make your time in braces as short and easy as possible.

Here is a little reminder of foods not to eat with braces:

-Pizza Crust
-Sugar Daddies
-Now & Laters
-Gummi bears
-Tooties Rolls
-Hard Pretzels

If you have any questions or concerns, just ask Dr. Tabakman at Houston Orthodontic Specialists at your next appointment or email us at: [email protected]

Bellaire Family Orthodontics at the 2010 Damon Forum

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Dr. Wadler, Dr. Bloom and Dr. Soh are excited to have just returned from a Damon System Meeting they attended with 1000 other orthodontists from all over the world. Technology changes so rapidly and these meetings are a great experience to collaborate and share ideas with other doctors to bring the latest in orthodontic technology back to our patients.

The doctors at Bellaire Family Orthodontics want to stay abreast of all the new state of the art materials and procedures to better serve the patients of our practice. The next time you are in the office, feel free to ask us about what is new and exciting in the field of orthodontics.

Fun Contests and Events, Only at Bellaire Family Orthodontics

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If you’ve ever been to Bellaire Family Orthodontics, then you know our office loves to have fun, and have plenty of fun events and contests for our patients. Our Rodeo contest ended yesterday, and the winner was Sunshine W, who guessed the correct number of rodeo figures in the jar. Sunshine won two rodeo tickets to see Toby Keith!
From now until March 31st, we will be holding the Let’s Play Ball contest, where contestants answer a set of questions about sports that are played using a ball. Get at least 6 of the 10 questions correct and you will be entered to win. On the 31st we will draw two winners randomly to receive a $50 gift certificate to Sports Authority! Be sure to mention the contest on your next appointment!

We have also announced a teaser for April’s contest, which you can see on our Facebook Fan Page. Join the conversation by becoming a fan today!

Join Us Online!

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We at Bellaire Family Orthodontics love staying at the forefront of technology, whether it is with our orthodontic treatments, cutting edge web site or email and text message reminders. Now our practice is on a variety of social networks to connect with you online!

Learn about news at our office on this blog, become a fan of our practice on Facebook, or view our videos on YouTube. Feel free to asks us a question on these networks, leave a comment on your experience at our practice, or refer our social networks to a friend!

See you online,

–The Bellaire Family Orthodontics Team

Top ten tips for keeping your BRACES sparklin’ clean!

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Keeping your teeth clean is more important than ever when you have braces! Food bits have more spots than usual to hide in your mouth, so you must be diligent in order to avoid bad breath, swollen gums, discolored teeth and cavities. If you remove plaque regularly during treatment, you’ll experience better results and shorter treatment time. Keep plaque at bay with these top ten tips:
1. One tooth at a time. When you brush, take time with each individual tooth – at least 10 seconds each – and pay careful attention to the spots where your teeth touch your braces.

2. It’s all about the angles. Brush the tops of your teeth and braces with your brush angled down toward where they meet. Brush the bottoms of your teeth and braces with your brush angled up.

3. The tooth, the whole tooth, nothing but the tooth. While the front surface of your teeth may seem like the most logical to clean, it’s equally important to clean the inner surface of your teeth (tongue side) as well as the chewing surface. And be sure to clean along your gum line – a key spot for plaque buildup.

4. Step 1: eat, step 2: clean. While you’re in treatment, it’s important to brush after every meal. Bits of food can easily get caught between braces and teeth, and these food bits interact with bacteria in your mouth to cause decay. The longer food is in contact with your teeth, the greater opportunity for plaque to form. If you are eating somewhere that you can’t brush, thoroughly rinse your mouth with water.

5. Like a Boy Scout, always be prepared. The easiest way to be sure you can brush after every meal is to get in the habit of taking a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss with you wherever you go. Designate a special container just for your teeth-cleaning tools and keep it in your purse, backpack, or laptop case.

6. Remove the moving parts. If you have elastic bands or headgear, remove these parts before you brush or floss.

7. Fluoride is your friend. Fluoride helps prevent cavities. Be sure to brush with fluoride toothpaste, and rinse with fluoride mouthwash.

8. Pointy brushes reach tiny places. Interproximal brushes (sometimes called proxa brushes or interdental brushes) are cone-shaped and come in very handy for reaching spots around your braces that standard brushes can’t.

9. Find the floss for you. Regular floss works for some patients, but others find it easier to work with a floss threader, which helps you get the floss into tight places. Other patients like an all-in-one product called Superfloss, which comes with a stiff end for easy threading, a spongy section for cleaning wide spaces, and regular floss for narrow spaces.

10. Make time for the pros. It’s your job to take care of the everyday cleaning. But make sure to visit your dentist regularly while in treatment, to get the deep, thorough cleaning that only a professional can provide. If you need help finding the right Dentist for you, feel free to contact our office – we’d love to help!

We hope this helps, and remember to give our team a call if you ever have any questions!

Great Orthodontic Apps for Bellaire Family Orthodontic Patients:

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With smart phones today there is an app for everything. More recently they have come up with some very helpful apps for orthodontic patients. The team here at Bellaire Family Orthodontics recommends a few that we have found very useful. The best part about them is they are FREE and very user friendly.

One of the apps you can download is called ibraceshelp. This application is a great tool for those wearing braces. It includes information on oral hygiene tips, foods to avoid, how to place elastics, what to do in an event of an emergency and it even comes with a brushing timer. All the links include visual aids in order to make it even easy to understand. This app is a great tool for all patients in treatment at Bellaire Family Orthodontics.

Another great app is more targeted to our Invisalign patients. This app is called alignontime. This tool helps you calculate when you will change aligners and when you’re predicted to be done with treatment. It will also sync into your calendar on your phone. Many of our Invisalign patients have told Dr. Tabakman and Dr. Wadler that this app is extremely helpful to keep up with your aligner schedule.blog1-300x182