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Houston Orthodontic Specialists Helping Kids Want to Smile

By April 16, 2010April 11th, 2023Blog

Ask any child with less-than-perfect teeth about teasing and nicknames and you’ll no doubt hear a sad story. We hear them every day – Goofy, Bugs Bunny, Fang. Some fun. There is real substance to such a child’s social pain.
little girls
One study on childhood harassment found that misaligned or protruding teeth were the single most common target of name-calling among children. Further, children with orthodontic problems are more subject to bullying than their luckier peers.

We’ve all experienced the hostility of childhood epithets – it’s part of growing up. But for some of us, the bad memories don’t “go away.” Early and persistent humiliation can become an adult’s psychological baggage.

Part of our task as orthodontists is a social one. We know how a child with a problem bite feels. And we know that it’s a preventable situation. We have the means to correct every “bad bite” out there – and with it, the social brutality so devastating to young self-esteem.

We want every child in our community to have the advantages of a normal, healthy countenance. Orthodontic evaluation is the first step. Call us for a consultation. The payback for your child lasts a lifetime!

–Houston Orthodontic Specialists