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Minimal Treatment Time, Maximum Comfort

From thin, lightweight archwires to cutting-edge brackets, our braces options are designed to give you amazing results without interfering in your day-to-day life. To find out which treatment is right for you, book a free consultation with a Houston or Bellaire, TX orthodontist online or by calling us at (281) 752-4222 (West Houston) or (713) 667-6000 (Bellaire). Here’s what’s on the menu at Houston Orthodontic Specialists:


Metal or Clear Damon™ Braces

Damon braces consist of low profile, self-ligating brackets and lightweight, shape-memory arch wires for maximum precision and comfort. Self-ligating braces don’t use elastics or metal ties. They have a slide mechanism that holds the wire in place, allowing the teeth to move more freely as they’re guided into their ideal positions. There’s less friction and pressure, which decreases discomfort. Since Damon brackets are tie-less, they don’t require tightening and they’re easy to keep clean. We can achieve a terrific end result faster and with fewer appointments. Depending on your specific case, this can translate to seeing your beautiful new smile months sooner than you would with traditional braces. For patients concerned with aesthetics, we also offer clear self-ligating braces for even more discreet treatment!


Metal or Clear Carriere® SLX™ Braces

The SLX bracket system is another choice for self-ligating braces. The brackets don’t require elastics or metal ties and utilize free-sliding technology with gentle, low forces to move your teeth into place more naturally, comfortably and quickly than conventional braces. The design allows for precise results in less time and with fewer appointments. Since there are no elastics to change, visits are shorter. The brackets are sleek, low profile and also feature smooth, rounded edges to reduce irritation. At Houston Orthodontic Specialists, you can choose between metal and clear SLX brackets.


Conventional Clear Braces

Our conventional clear braces are similar to conventional metal braces. Brackets and archwires apply gentle pressure to straighten the teeth and elastics secure the two components together. However, since the brackets are clear, they blend in with your smile and are much less noticeable. Made from newer, durable materials that resist staining, clear braces can benefit younger patients and adult patients alike.


Conventional Metal Braces

Conventional metal braces are still the most common type of orthodontic treatment. They rely on stainless steel brackets and archwires to move the teeth into place and create the ideal bite. Younger patients tend to love traditional metal braces because they can pick out colorful elastics to show off their personality. Metal braces can treat a wide variety of cases, work for patients of all ages and they’re more attractive and comfortable than they were in the past.

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