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Dr. Wadler discusses how orthodontic treatment works

By December 27, 2011December 14th, 2022Blog


Happy holidays! Braces place a constant, gentle force in a carefully controlled direction and slowly move teeth to a corrected position. This is a great time to wear braces! A customized plan will be made for you, and there are so many options to be made with your orthodontist regarding your treatment.

Duration of Treatment

Treatment time typically ranges from one to three years, depending on the growth of the patient’s mouth and face and the severity of the problem. Patients grow at different rates and will respond variously to orthodontic treatment, so the time to case completion may differ from the original estimate. The patient’s diligent compliance is an important factor in achieving the most efficient treatment. Interceptive, or early treatment procedures, may take as few as six months.

At Bellaire Family Orthodontics, we offer a variety of services to suit our patients’ orthodontic needs. In addition to traditional braces with metal and ceramic brackets, we also offer SureSmile®, a new orthodontic system that makes straightening teeth faster and easier. Our practice is recognized as an Invisalign Super Elite Provider and is also a Certified Invisalign Teen™ Provider.

Contact our Bellaire, TX orthodontic office to schedule your initial consultation. Our friendly staff looks forward to meeting you and helping you begin your smile transformation.