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Great Orthodontic Apps for Bellaire Family Orthodontic Patients:

By June 17, 2013August 22nd, 2022Blog

With smart phones today there is an app for everything. More recently they have come up with some very helpful apps for orthodontic patients. The team here at Bellaire Family Orthodontics recommends a few that we have found very useful. The best part about them is they are FREE and very user friendly.

One of the apps you can download is called ibraceshelp. This application is a great tool for those wearing braces. It includes information on oral hygiene tips, foods to avoid, how to place elastics, what to do in an event of an emergency and it even comes with a brushing timer. All the links include visual aids in order to make it even easy to understand. This app is a great tool for all patients in treatment at Bellaire Family Orthodontics.

Another great app is more targeted to our Invisalign patients. This app is called alignontime. This tool helps you calculate when you will change aligners and when you’re predicted to be done with treatment. It will also sync into your calendar on your phone. Many of our Invisalign patients have told Dr. Tabakman and Dr. Wadler that this app is extremely helpful to keep up with your aligner schedule.blog1-300x182