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July Featured Patient Testimonials for BFO!

By July 18, 2011August 22nd, 2022Blog

smiling-boy-300x199Here they are, our June featured patient testimonials! Again, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who wrote in and all of you who continue to say such wonderful things about Dr. Wadler & our team at Bellaire Family Orthodontics!

“My name is Shawn Bear and over the last eight years my four boys and I have been in orthodontic treatment. My two oldest boys are finished, with beautiful smiles, my third son is currently in treatment, and last but not least my youngest son will begin treatment soon. I trust Dr. Wadler and Bloome and their awesome staff with all my children. Dr. Wadler and Dr. Bloome have the expertise and unbelievable knowledge to transform our teeth into beautiful smiles. Bellaire Family Orthodontics is very in tune and up to date with cutting edge treatment, which is individualized for the patient’s needs. First impressions are extremely important, and knowledgeable and cheerful staff always greet us, whenever we visit or call the office. I highly recommend Dr. Wadler, Dr. Bloome and their awesome staff to everyone I know needing braces. It’s true: Bellaire Family Orthodontics really does go “the extra mile for your smile.”

“I had braces when I was in high school and thought I would never need to straighten my teeth ever again, but I was wrong. As I talk to others, I find that this is a common misconception. I stopped wearing my retainer, and apparently, teeth move when unrestrained! After looking at several options and discussing those options with the staff at Dr. David Wadler office, I decided to go with Invisalign. I followed the instructions to the letter and am extremely pleased with the end result. My slightly time-worn snaggle-toothed smile has been straightened out. I continue to wear my last Invisalign trays in order to maintain the results (I learned the first time). I have periodic visits with Dr. Wadler and his staff to check my teeth. I have found Dr. Wadler and his staff to be very helpful and effective. I highly recommend them to “kids of all ages.”