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New State of the Art Scanner for Invisalign is Amazing

By August 10, 2012August 22nd, 2022Orthodontics

Invisalign_girl-300x200Ask any Invisalign patient…what is the worst part of treatment and they will tell you it is having the molds made. We have great news …no more “yucky” impression material. Bellaire Family Orthodontics is one of three offices in Houston that has the new state of the art intra- oral scanner from Invisalign. iTero

It is easy to get started with treatment using the new scanner because there are no impressions needed. Also, the aligners fit more accurately and the whole process is quicker. We have helped many patients with Invisalign, when they have been told they are not candidates for Invisalign, elsewhere. If you do not want to wear traditional braces, now is the time to set up a complimentary exam.

Dr. Wadler is an Elite Premier Provider for Invisalign and has completed over a thousand Invisalign cases. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign.