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Tips for a successful school year, from Houston Orthodontic Specialists

By September 6, 2011April 11th, 2023Blog

Reading_girl-300x200We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! At Houston Orthodontic Specialists, we know a new school year brings a lot of stress for many kids. New classes, new teachers, new friends and new academic challenges can be overwhelming! That’s why we thought we’d provide a few steps for our patients to enjoy their time in school and succeed this upcoming school year!

• Get plenty of sleep every night. Eight hours is recommended.
• Eat a healthy breakfast as it’s the most important meal of the day.
• Pack a healthy lunch or make healthy choices when selecting your school lunch. Try to avoid the vending machine and limit your intake of junk food.
• Stay on top of your homework and reading assignments.
• Stay active. Limit the time in front of the TV or playing video games. Instead, try to get outside to get some exercise—go for a walk or ride your bike.
• Ask for help. When you are having a hard time understanding a concept, ask your teacher or your peers for guidance.
• Always have a positive attitude and a smile on your face!

We hope everyone has a productive and fun school year!