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What Does it Mean to be a Super Elite Premiere Provider?

By August 17, 2012December 14th, 2022Orthodontics

Houston Orthodontic Specialists is excited to announce that we have reached Super Elite Premier Provider Status for Invisalign for the second consecutive year. Super Elite doctors are in the top 1% of all Invisalign providers. Less than seventy Invisalign doctors out of 73,235 certified doctors in the world have attained this mark of distinction. It is an honor garnered by successfully treating over 1500 patients as well as meeting other milestones. More importantly, what does this mean for our patients?

The many years of experience with Invisalign, translates into being able to treat more difficult cases with Invisalign, rather than with traditional braces. The huge demand for Invisalign, especially for the patients who previously could only be treated with traditional braces can now be met. If you have a Teen who will not wear braces, we have the answer, and it is Invisalign. It is our goal to give our patients the smile they have dreamed about.