Adult Braces & Orthodontics

There’s No Age Limit on Achieving a Gorgeous Smile

It’s a myth that orthodontic treatment is only for kids. At Houston Orthodontic Specialists, almost half of our patients are adults. We believe teeth alignment can be improved at any age. Book a free consultation online or call us and we’ll create a personalized plan to enhance your smile.

The Benefits of Straight Teeth

Adult orthodontic treatment isn’t just a cosmetic issue, though your smile will look fantastic when we finish your treatment; it can also improve your quality of life and oral health.

Having a functional bite and straight teeth:

  • Makes teeth easier to clean, which prevents tooth decay and gum disease
  • Reduces abnormal, uneven wear of tooth enamel and surfaces
  • Minimizes the risk of dental injury by fixing protruding teeth
  • Helps prevent bone and gum loss
  • Enables you to speak and chew properly
  • Can alleviate headaches, neck aches, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain
  • Gives you a huge boost in confidence that carries over into all aspects of your life, including your career and relationships
  • Enhances your appearance and brings facial features into balance

Adult Orthodontists in Houston

Dr. Tabakman, Dr. Bloome and Dr. Mount stay at the forefront of the latest technology and advances in the field, making them some of the best orthodontists for adults near you. That’s why we offer cutting-edge treatment options to give you your dream smile comfortably, quickly, and discreetly. In addition to conventional metal braces, we have low-profile, self-ligating metal and clear braces and Invisalign®.

Adult Orthodontics by the Numbers



In a survey, 8 out of 10 adults said straightening their teeth was one of the most important treatments they’ve done for themselves.



Nearly 27% of orthodontic patients in North America are 18 years old or over.



More than one-third of adults in the U.S. are unhappy with their smiles.


Your New Smile is Waiting

Join the millions of other adults perfecting their smiles with orthodontic treatment. With our accelerated, discreet treatment options, convenient scheduling, and flexible financing, we make sure the teeth-straightening process works for your lifestyle and needs. Book a free consultation with us to learn more about our adult orthodontic treatment in Houston or Bellaire. Schedule your visit online or by calling our office today!