Teen Orthodontics

Healthy Smiles That Last a Lifetime

Straight teeth and a functional bite set the stage for lifelong oral health. When teenagers love their smiles, it provides the confidence to tackle challenges, build relationships and achieve their dreams. However, we know you and your teen are busy with school, activities, friends, and family. That’s why we have teeth-straightening solutions like teen braces and Invisalign® Teen in Houston and Bellaire to give your child outstanding results more quickly and conveniently.

A Great Time to Kick Off Orthodontic Treatment

It probably seems like almost every teenager you come across is wearing braces or Invisalign® Teen. That’s because, for many patients, the teenage years are the ideal time to start orthodontic treatment. Most permanent teeth have erupted at this point, and we can identify problems with alignment or spacing. Since teens have high metabolisms and are still developing, we can take advantage of their growth spurts to more effectively manipulate the teeth and jaws for dramatic, lasting results.

Teen Braces in Houston & Bellaire for Every Smile

Every patient is unique, and you won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach at Houston Orthodontic Specialists! During a free consultation, Dr. Tabakman, Dr. Bloome or Dr. Mount, one of our orthodontists for teens in Houston or Bellaire, Texas, will evaluate your teen’s bite and chat with you both about their lifestyle and needs to recommend a personalized treatment plan. We always take the time to fully explain the diagnosis and your options and answer all of your questions. We want your teen to be just as thrilled with their choice of treatment as they will be with their results, which is why we offer a variety of high-tech braces for teens.

Teen Orthodontics by the Numbers



In a survey, the number one most cited facial feature teens wanted to change was their teeth.



80% of teenagers in North America are currently receiving orthodontic treatment.



By 12 years old, most kids have lost all their primary teeth.

What’s the Cost of Braces for Teenagers?

We strive to offer affordable teen braces options. During your teen’s complimentary orthodontic consultation, one of our orthodontists for teens will evaluate the severity of your child’s orthodontic issues, recommend an orthodontic treatment plan and walk through all your payment options, including any dental insurance benefits, all of which will inform the total cost of braces for your teen. Our team will then work to customize a financial plan that works for you and your budget.

Book a Free Consultation for Teen Braces!

Isn’t it time to give your teenager the beautiful, confident smile they deserve? To get started, book a free consultation with our family and teen orthodontists at Houston Orthodontic Specialists at our office in West Houston or Bellaire, Texas!