A Leader in High-Tech Orthodontic Care

In the past, people thought of orthodontic treatment as a long, uncomfortable process and, in many cases, it was! Thankfully, with so many advances in orthodontics, we can now harness the power of technology to offer incredible results more quickly, comfortably, and conveniently. Depending on the option you choose, you can even see your new smile before you start a single day of treatment!

Our Modern Approach

Dr. Tabakman, Dr. Bloome, Dr. Mount and the team are always looking to incorporate innovative forms of treatment and modern techniques into our practice. As long as a method has proven results, we strive to offer it to our patients. From devices that help us monitor your treatment progress remotely to a painless laser that eliminates a “gummy” smile, we have the revolutionary tools to give you the grin you’ve been dreaming of. When you choose Houston Orthodontic Specialists, you can rest assured that you’re getting the latest, most cutting-edge care. To learn more about our high-tech approach, read on and get to know our favorite tools, or book a free consultation today!