Do Damon Braces Move Teeth Faster?

At Houston Orthodontic Specialists, one of the things that really sets us apart is our use of advanced treatment options and techniques to help our patients get better results more comfortably and efficiently. Self-ligating braces fit the bill. We’ve been offering Damon™ braces for years, which are a type of self-ligating braces, and we have to say, we do love the braces system. There are several key advantages to self-ligating brackets, which we’ll be covering in a bit, that also make them a popular option with our Bellaire and Houston braces patients. Before we get to whether or not Damon braces work faster, we’ll dive into the basics of what self-ligating braces are and the mechanics behind them to give you a clear understanding of their true benefits. 

What Are Damon Braces?

Damon System braces are a type of self-ligating braces. At our practice, we offer Damon metal braces and Damon clear braces. All braces utilize brackets and wires to shift the teeth into place. However, self-ligating braces connect the archwires to the brackets using slides, doors or clips. The Damon system relies on a patented slide mechanism. The wires move freely and there is less friction. Traditional braces, on the other hand, use elastic ties or metal wires, known as ligatures, to hold the archwires in place, which causes more friction.

Damon system braces also use lightweight, shape-memory archwires in conjunction with the self-ligating brackets. The high-tech wires exert light force to shift the teeth into place efficiently. 

How Do Self-Ligating Braces Work?

All types of braces, whether conventional or self-ligating, work by exerting force, which stimulates the process of bone remodeling. In response to the force, the bone and tissues that support the teeth break down, allowing the teeth to move. Eventually, new bone forms around the teeth, locking them in position. How is the force applied to the teeth? Well, the braces archwires are bent and inserted into the brackets. As the wires return to their original shape, they put pressure on the teeth, while also acting as a track to guide them in the correct direction. With Damon braces, the wires are allowed to move freely within the brackets and don’t have to rely on the pressure from the braces elastics to do so. 

Do Damon Braces Work Faster?

No, technically, Damon braces and other self-ligating braces don’t move teeth faster. Your teeth move in response to pressure and it doesn’t matter whether the force is coming from Damon system braces, conventional braces or clear aligners. Your teeth don’t know or care what brand of braces or type of appliance is used to shift them into place. 

That being said, sometimes, treatment times can be slightly shorter when using self-ligating braces vs. traditional braces. This is because self-ligating braces, like Damon braces, eliminate some of the mechanical inefficiencies associated with conventional braces. The teeth essentially take a more direct path to their final destinations because of the lack of friction and the free-sliding technology. We don’t need to change braces elastics or ties and the wires will still adjust and move, which shifts the teeth for a longer period of time on their own without intervention or frequent adjustments from your orthodontist. Most importantly, if you look at Damon system before and after photos, you’ll see that these self-ligating braces help us achieve excellent results. 

What Are the Benefits of Self-Ligating Braces?

There are several key benefits of Damon braces, including:

  • Since the wires move freely and with less friction, patients sometimes experience less sensitivity and discomfort during treatment.
  • Both Damon clear and metal brackets are much smaller and smoother than conventional braces brackets. This makes them less noticeable, even the metal variety, and they’re less likely to cause irritation to the lips, cheeks or tongue, which our Houston braces patients love. 
  • Oral hygiene is easier with self-ligating braces. Braces elastics and ties collect plaque and it’s difficult to effectively brush around them. Since self-ligating braces are tie-less, that’s one less component to deal with and one less place for plaque and food particles to hide.
  • Visits to our office are shorter with self-ligating braces. Self-ligating braces don’t have elastics that need to be removed and replaced, so taking wires out and putting new ones in is faster and easier.
  • There may be fewer office visits overall during your treatment. Damon system braces require fewer adjustments. The wires move the teeth for several weeks longer between appointments when compared to conventional braces.

As you can see, while self-ligating braces aren’t a magic treatment option, there are key advantages. If you take a look at Damon system braces reviews, it’s immediately obvious that patients of all ages are big fans and for good reason. If you’re interested in finding out if our Bellaire or Houston Damon braces are the right choice for your smile, schedule a complimentary consultation at Houston Orthodontic Specialists today!